The BTB Vision

What drives us

Our vision

To eliminate mental illness in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry.

Our Goals

#1 Awareness

To Increase awareness and understanding about mental illness within the racing and breeding industry.

#2 Support

Identify and collaborate with EAP program to promote and support racing industry participants to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to educate, promote and offer a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing for racing industry personnel challenged by mental illness in Australia.

Mental Health and wellbeing support service

what we Can do for you

24hr / 7 day hotline

Call 1300 GET HELP 24/7 any day of the year and speak to a senior psychologist in person. It's never too late to reach out.

First 3 Sessions free

If the senior psychologist and you determine that you need to visit a clinical psychologist,Behind The Barriers will fund your first 3 sessions.


Rest assured your personal information and reason for calling will not be disclosed with anyone except your psychologist.


The psychologist you speak to on our 24/7 hotline will immediately triage you to a clinical psychologist within 2 days. No mental Health Care Plan required.

Financial Coaching

We offer financial coaching for those who are facing financial difficulties due to the nature of the business.

Specific to Racing Industry Participants

This offer is exclusively for racing industry personnel who essentially put the show on. So if you work with racehorses you are privy to this service.

Believing In Us Believing In You

Our partners

We couldn’t do this without the help of our partners. 

Their support and generosity helps us enable people within the racing industry and their immediate families to seek help they may not otherwise be able to afford or make the time to seek out.

Get Involved

Together we create change

Help us achieve our vision by sponsoring change. We offer a number of sponsorship packages with great experiences and opportunities. You can read more in our prospectus, available here.


For sponsorship enquiries please complete the contact form or call Jason on 0488 775 887.